La Tavernetta, Chiang Mai Thailand

The Story of Chef Danilo


Dear Friends,

My journey in food industry has started back since 2000, right after my arrival in Melbourne, Australia, where I earned my education qualifications. However I found out that, to be a great chef, the qualifications are not as much important as real world experiences. I started my career from working as a dishwasher in a large restaurant around the area during my English language studies – attending classes in the morning and working in the restaurant in the evening. To pursue my passion in cookery, I did not limit myself to washing dishes only, I took this opportunity to grow my professional network and learn from other chefs, who I kindly asked for their advises as well as gave my suggestions to the new dishes they made.

After a few days, while I was cleaning up the dishes as usual, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the Executive Chef of the restaurant, who told me to leave all the dishes and began my new journey as a kitchen assistant chef. It was a great opportunity.

Later on, because of the distance, I was moved to the new restaurant, where I met an Italo-Australian chef name Gabriele. He suggested me that I should follow my passion and believe in my talent when I go back home. When I arrived back to Italy, I started to study and work in catering and restaurants. My ultimate goal at that time was to learn as much as possible – no only in Italy, but also in Europe. After several years of working in different places, I started my study at The School of Italian Cuisine Alma, where I got to strengthen my skills and techniques, meet chef with Michelin Stars, and, most important, have an opportunity to work in restaurants with Michelin Stars and big companies like Four Seasons in Milan.

My journey has not ended yet as I have always been a wanderer seeking for a new adventure. The fade has brought me to Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is the place where I will always deliver the best and authentic Italian culinary culture to my customers.

Lastly, if you allow me to say one last thing, the most important thing is a person’s true identity. Do not lose your identity just to please the others of just for their own gain. Be yourself and follow your passion even if you need to sacrifice something.

Warm Regards,

The Chef Danilo