La Tavernetta, Chiang Mai Thailand

Philosophy of the Chef and the Restaurant


Working from scratch ­– right from raw materials to the end product

To simplify, I love working with fresh produce. I like to start working from scratch ­– right from raw materials to the end product just like how they did in ancient generations. There will be now semi-finished or even ready-made products.

In my opinion, a chef must be an expert on the products and be able to recognize the differences, so that when a customer asks for anything about the dishes, he or she can give extensive and detailed information on them without any hesitation.

To begin a career in food, there are two essentials: talent and passion. These two things cannot be learned in a day or two, as it gets better and stronger from time to time.

I remember when I met Walter Eynard, the great chef with 2 Michelin Stars. He thought me that it does not need expensive ingredients, such as Beluga caviar or blue lobster, to make a great dish. The great dish consists of simple ingredients and the chef’s talent and passion in food. Thank you dear Walter. You are always the greatest mentor.