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Program and Description of the 3 levels of the School of Culinary Arts

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Dear friends who follow my stories and those of my restaurant. The School of Culinary Arts, was created to meet the needs of those who want to know or learn the Italian cuisine and international in Asia. The school is divided into different levels. Exactly in 3 different levels.

Level 1

For people who want to learn Italian cooking and international cuisine. The first level is dedicated to people who want to learn for the first time the Italian cuisine and the International. During the course of 1 level, will address the basics of Italian cuisine, with theoretical and practical lessons after cooking. The basis of the technical work, the history of the dishes and product knowledge.

Level 2

For those who already know the kitchen and want to learn more completely. During the course, we will address theoretical and practical lessons in the kitchen. In this second level you will learn about the history, culture dishes, the study of foods and ingredients, cooking food and how they change. It will also in the theoretical and practical lessons, an introduction to sensory analysis to learn about the products in detail.

Level 3

For those who want to convert their culinary passion into a job at a highly professional level. The theoretical and practical lessons will be structured with a full immersion in the world of culinary arts, with different theoretical and practical professionals school subjects, such as physical and chemical principles, how the ingredients are transformed. Lessons of history and culture dishes and foods. Lessons in cooking and pastry. Wine courses, to learn about the different wines and understand how to pair wines with foods. Lessons to understand and be able to give a decorative dishes to be served. Lessons sensory analysis, to understand and recognize the differences and similarities of various foods and ingredients and their freshness. School subject, concerning deepening with hygiene HACCP. The courses will be held in Mae Rim Chiang Mai Thailand.

A warm greeting. Chef Danilo



Chef Danilo “School of Culinary Arts”

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Dear friends who followed all my stories and those of my restaurant.


Today I would like announce that “Chef Danilo”, have opened a culinary school, where I personally keep cooking courses for every level. Levels from amateur to the highest. This Saturday there will be the inauguration of the first students enrolled at the school. The cookery school is located in Mae Rim.


For those who want more information, please contact the restaurant directly at e-mail The courses will be held in a beautiful complex. Where there will be cooking classes and base of pastry base for all levels. 

Thank you for your kind attention and we look forward to many.

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