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Sixth wedding anniversary of Frederick and Pamela

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Frederick and Pamela
We had the great pleasure of having had, at our Chef’s Table, our guests from Hong Kong, (among other things, a beautiful city). Mr. Frederick and his wife, Pamela. That to celebrate their special day of their life, that is their sixth wedding anniversary, they have chosen (we wish him the best wishes that can be beautiful every day of their life), our Chef’s Table on the recommendation of some of their friends ( our guests a few years ago). We thank Frederick and Pamela, for giving us the pleasure of having lived an important day with us and of having had a wonderful culinary experience. Thanks Frederick and Pamela.

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Mrs Aor and Friends

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Our Chef’s Table has had the immense pleasure of having our very welcome guests at dinner, from Chiang Mai. Khun Aor, Khun Art, Khun Somnuk, Khun Lin, Khun Jair and Khun Meaw. We sincerely thank our guests for having had an excellent culinary experience with us, and for giving us a real example of how in a dinner can become a pleasant friendship.

cena khun Aor 1

cena Khun Aor 2

Cena Khun Aor 3

Atthakorn’s Family

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We had the immense pleasure and honor of having our dear friends, the Atthakorn’s family from Chiang Mai, at our Chef’s Table. We sincerely thank them for giving us the pleasure of making them have a great culinary experience. But above all, we thank all of them for giving us the great example of how a true close-knit family should be.







Ivan’s and friends

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These are our very welcome guests from Hong Kong Ivan and his wife May and his friends Mr. Tony and Mrs. Vicky. They often come to Chiang Mai and each time, they give us the honor of being able to have them as our most delightful guests. A heartfelt thanks to our dear Ivan, May Tony and Vicky.


Ivan 1

Ivan 2

Ivan 3

Vergara’s Family

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These are our most welcome guests Khun Lily Vergara and her family from Bangkok. We sincerely thank them for giving us the honor of dining with us, and for the culinary experience made by us.




Mr Kurt and friends from New Zealand

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These are our dear guests from New Zealand. Mr. Kurt  Makela and his friends have honored us with their presence at our Chef’s Table. Special thanks to Mr. Kurt, that every time he arrives in Thailand, one of the first stops is at our Chef’s Table. Thanks for everything.


Kurt 6

Kurt 4

Kurt 1

Andy and Carling

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These are Andy and Carling, two of our guests from Hong Kong who have honored our Chef’s Table with their wonderful presence. We heartily thank our guests Andy and Carling.

Andy and Carling 1

Andy and Carling 2

Andy and Carling 3


Carl and Sophie

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These are our two welcome guests, who honored us with their presence at our Chef’s Table. Carl and Sophie from Brisbane in Australia. A heartfelt thanks to Carl and Sophie.





Brice and Emily

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These are our two guests from Milwaukee, United States of America, who have honored our Chef ‘Table with our lotus presence. They did a great dining experience and thank them heartily. Thanks Brice and Emily.
A warm greeting.



“Ivan and Mei”

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These are two of our guests from Hong Kong, Ivan and Mei. What have honored our “Chef’s Table” with their presence and to have made a nice dining experience with us to dinner. We thank them.
A warm greeting. The Chef.