La Tavernetta, Chiang Mai Thailand



Concept of the Restaurant

The Chef’s Table restaurant will be very different from any places you have ever been in. First of all, please do not confuse the restaurant with a fast food place. Personally, I believe that a restaurant needs to be the place where people come in and leave with thoughts and inspirations. It is the place where people experience different things and let the thoughts relaxed.

So sit back and you will be well served. Take as much time to enjoy the meal as you would – experience the beauty of every dish, which is handcrafted just to delight your appetites.

I always try my best to deliver a delightful dining experience for my guests, so kindly be prepare for the lead-time, preparation and cooking process. In order to maintain the freshness and quality of the food, every ingredient is carefully prepared day by day.

See Your Dishes Prepared in our Glass-Fronted Kitchen

With a glass-fronted kitchen, the restaurant is designed for the customers to see every process made on the dishes. There are basically three reasons for this:

  1. There is no secret to anyone. You have the rights to see how your food is being cooked.
  2. Guests can learn and enjoy the beauty of authentic Italian culinary arts.
  3. Ensuring food safety and hygiene, which is compliance with HACCP standards.